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Comments from visitors at studio show

A three year old made the observation my paintings were fuzzy and colourful. Quite so. There are few hard edges in nature and I am a bit liberal with the colour but hope the colour tells a story. I gave the little chap a tiny painting...


Context for figures

Representing without representation,  the hidden subject appears as a manifestation of a type of person or phantom figure. There are groups, single figures and a series of heads. As the image lacks true representation verging often on obliteration and complete abstraction through manipulated layers of  paint, the...


You Must Write A Blog Now

You must write a blog now. You just have one blog and the website is live already. Yes I am working on it and all the Latin is annoying so I can tell at the very least how much needs to be written. Stay at home today...

Louise Bourgeois

Giving time to develop your practice

“The art world loves young men and old women.“ Louise Bourgeois Women give their art time to develop. Often life gets in the way and full time art practice is put on hold. Perhaps this delay can be a good thing. We learn patience and there...