Carol Anderson Knight | carol
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The paintings depict groups, single figures and a number of big heads. The subjects appear as a figural type  or phantom. Equally it appears as an abstract shape. Its interchangeable. As the image lacks true representation verging often on obliteration and complete abstraction , the sense of presence remains. The pictorial context of the...

I am encouraged to Blog

You must write a blog now. You just have one blog and the website is live already. Yes I am working on it and all the Latin is annoying so I can tell at the very least how much needs to be written. Stay at home today...

Developing the practice

“The art world loves young men and old women.“ Louise Bourgeois" Often life gets in the way and full time art practice is put on hold.  This delay can be a good thing.  Along the way  there is time to develop the practice and we learn patience. In...